Fiscal Year 2023 Funding Opportunities

NYSCA will offer five opportunities this year: Support for Organizations, Support for Artists, Support for Special Opportunities, Support for Partnerships, and Regrowth and Capacity Enhancement. Please note that NYSCA will launch an additional Capital Projects Opportunity this fall.

Opportunity Guidelines are posted below with a short description. The FY2023 Application Manual supplements the information provided in each of the FY2023 Funding Opportunity Guidelines and is your guide to Prequalification, key dates, eligibility questions, and more! To begin the process of applying to NYSCA, please be sure to read the FY2023 Application Manual in addition to the Opportunity Guidelines. Read the NYSCA FY2023 Application Manual: FY2023 Application Manual.

Start your Application to NYSCA:

Grant Opportunities:

Support for Organizations: Provides flexible general operating and programming funding for non-profit organizations.

Support for Artists: Funds creative commissions to individual artists across the state. Applicants must apply through a non-profit fiscal sponsor. NYSCA embraces the rich diversity of artmaking across New York, and applicants from all artistic practices and disciplines are encouraged to apply. 

Support for Special Opportunities:  The opportunities provide funding for creative performance residencies, subsidized rehearsal spaces for all performing art forms, and folk arts apprenticeships.  

Regrowth and Capacity Enhancement: Provides organizations with flexible funds to redevelop their ability to serve their audiences with consideration to the impacts of COVID-19. Funds may support a wide breadth of needs, such as: provide payment to artists; support for staffing, support programmatic costs; advance audience development and assist with necessary health and safety expenses. 

Support for Partnerships: Supports regrant and partner organizations across all 62 counties while identifying new opportunities to ensure the greater reach of NYSCA funding and greater access for new applicants. Partnerships cover a range of services.