Review Requirements

Determine Eligibility

To apply directly for a NYSCA grant your organization must be one of the following:

  • A nonprofit organization either incorporated in or registered to do business in New York State;
  • A Native American tribe in New York State; or
  • A unit of government in New York State.

Unincorporated groups and individuals may apply through a fiscal sponsor. Learn more about fiscal sponsorship.

If one of these categories applies to your organization, review NYSCA’s complete eligibility prerequisites and funding restrictions.

Review Grant Amounts

Determine how NYSCA funding may impact your organization by reviewing grant amounts:

NYSCA does not make grants:

  • In amounts less than $2,500; or
  • That would constitute the sole source of financial support for an organization.

NYSCA rarely funds

  • More than 50% of a project's budget; or
  • More than 25% of an organization's budget.

Previous grant funding from NYSCA does not guarantee support in any succeeding year, and past grant funding amounts are not indicative of future funding levels.

NYSCA awards both single-year and multi-year grants. NYSCA awards multi-year grants when the panel, staff, and Council of NYSCA agree that a similar level of service or activity will be sustained by the applicant organization over successive years.

Select Program Categories

Review NYSCA Programs to determine to which program categories your organization or project should apply.  NYSCA has 15 programs that are either discipline-specific or multi-disciplinary. All programs offer more than one program category. 

Applicants are generally limited to two requests among all NYSCA program categories. However, the following program categories are exempt from the limit (in other words, requests in these categories do not count towards an organization’s limit of two requests):

  • Architecture and Design Program - Independent Projects category
  • Dance Program – Rehearsal Space and Residencies categories
  • Electronic Media & Film Program – Art & Technology category
  • Facilities Program - All categories
  • Folk Arts Program - Apprenticeships category
  • Folk Arts Program - Regional and County Folk Arts Programs category
  • Individual Artists Program – All categories
  • Literature Program –Translation category
  • State and Local Partnership Program - Decentralization category
  • All Programs - Regrants and Partnerships category
  • Regional Economic Development Council Initiative
Read Program Guidelines

To learn more about individual program category requirements and application questions, read Program Guidelines.

Review Funding Criteria

Learn about NYSCA’s three primary criteria: Service to the Public, Artistic/Programmatic Merit and Fiscal/Managerial Competence to understand how your application will be evaluated.