Register for NYSCA's FY2023 Webinar Week! Monday, May 16 - Thursday, May 19

Mark your calendar! 

We are pleased to share the lineup for NYSCA Webinar Week, Monday May 16- Thursday, May 19! Each webinar will discuss application timeline, review eligibility, and provide a detailed opportunity overview. We encourage you to read the relevant opportunity guidelines and the NYSCA application manual before attending, which can be found on our FY2023 Opportunities Page. Please note that attending a NYSCA webinar has no bearing on your application.

Registration is required and you are welcome to submit questions in advance. Each webinar will run 11AM-12PM, with the
possibility of an extra 15 minutes to accommodate all questions. 

Monday, May 16 at 11AM
FY2023 Special Opportunities Webinar: Click here to register!
Tuesday, May 17 at 11AM
FY2023 Support for Artists Webinar: Click here to register!
Wednesday, May 18 at 11AM
FY2023 Support for Organizations Webinar: Click here to register!
Thursday, May 19 at 11AM
FY2023 Regrowth and Capacity Enhancement Webinar: Click here to register!

Please note that the NYSCA staff will hold virtual office hour sessions in the coming weeks, and the schedule and registration links are forthcoming.

The first step to apply for NYSCA funding is to complete the prequalification process. Applicants must be Prequalified in the Grants Gateway by the application deadline. More information on Prequalification can be found in the NYSCA  Application Manual, the FAQ for Applicants, and in our NEW 10 Tips on Prequalification Webinar.  

We highly encourage new and returning applicants to start the prequalification process in the Grants Gateway, now. New applicants will need to register and prequalify. Returning applicants will need to check their vault status to make sure their prequalification has not expired. According to our records, hundreds of existing vaults are expiring in the next few months, please review your status today.

The Grants Gateway portal can be accessed, here. You can also access the Grants Gateway prequalification resources, here. Questions? Email the Grants Gateway Help Desk: [email protected]

The NYSCA staff is always available to answer any questions. Please visit our staff contact page for more information on how to reach us:

We look forward to having you join us!