Apply Now: Advance Your Literary Organization!

The New York State Council on the Arts Literary Technical Assistance Program—invites current NYSCA/Literature grantees to apply for Advancement Regrants of up to $10,000 to support thoughtful development and expanded capacity within their organizations.

Advancement Regrants will be awarded to New York State-based literary arts organizations that produce excellent work and need help to increase and sustain their capacity as institutions. Eligible organizations will be given the opportunity to improve their managerial and financial stability; build solid foundations upon which to pursue their artistic visions; improve or institute development and planning initiatives that contribute to their sustainability; and extend program/publication reach to develop new audiences and readers.

Examples of eligible requests include, but are not limited to: consultancies, strategic plan creation and plan implementation; projects to improve program impact; software or hardware purchases or upgrades; and website development. Note that Advancement Regrants are not intended to support ongoing programs or supplement NYSCA-supported programs.

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