Get Prequalified: Our Top 10 Tips

NYSCA’s FY2021 applications will open in early 2020. To be eligible for funding, and to ensure prompt payment on current grant contracts, you must be Prequalified in the Grants Gateway.

We’ve compiled our top 10 tips to avoid common Prequalification errors. To learn more about Prequalification, visit NYSCA’s application guide and Grants Gateway’s review materials. You can also watch our webinarIf you have additional questions, please email [email protected]

  1. Don’t Wait: You may Prequalify at any time – we recommend you start now. Review may take up to ten business days once all correct documents have been submitted. Once your document vault becomes Prequalified, you generally are given a time period of up to one year before you need to upload new documents and resubmit your vault for review.
  2. Update Contact Info: Make sure email addresses you have provided to Grants Gateway are up-to-date. If the address on file are incorrect, you will miss important notifications, instructions, and requests.
  3. Check your Status: Open and view your Prequalification Application Status Report regularly, and be sure to do so at the start of the NYSCA application cycle. Your vault status, key expiration dates, and notes posted for your review and action can be viewed in the State Prequalification Application Status Report located in the Management Screens section near the bottom of your document vault main page.   
  4. Designate Roles Carefully: You must be logged into Grants Gateway as the Delegated Administrator to upload and save documents and submit your vault for review. Be sure the Delegated Administrator is available when you need to submit; NYSCA cannot submit Vault materials on your behalf. Read more about roles here.
  5. Prepare Policies: You must have the required policies for your size organization. NYSCA does not mandate any particular policy form or language. For example, NYSCA understands that a small arts organization with no current staff may only need a simple pragmatic policy regarding management review of staff should there be any in the future. Generally, these policies need to be approved by your board, so do not wait until the last minute. View a sample MBWE Policy here
  6. Format Board Information: NYSCA requires that your board information be provided in a particular format. Please do not submit a copy of a website page that may not contain sufficient information. 
  7. Update Audit: You must update the Audit/Reviews and Findings Section annually-regardless of the size of your organization’s budget.
  8. Review Contract Question: If you answer Question 1 in Organization Capacity and Question 8 in Organization Compliance that the same person signs your contracts and pays them, you will not be Prequalified. 
  9. Check Dates and Documents: Delays can result if fiscal year dates you enter when Prequalifying do not correspond to the financial documents you are uploading, or if documents are incorrect or incomplete.
  10. Hit Submit: After your updates have been completed be sure to submit your vault for review — NYSCA is not able to review any Vault materials that have not been technically submitted to Grants Gateway. To submit your document vault for review, scroll about halfway down the document vault page to the Status Change section, click the link to submit document vault, click the one possible status on the next page, and then click "I Agree" to submit. Your vault status will change to “in review” and an automated message from Grants Gateway will be emailed to you immediately.