New Mission and Values

On behalf of the Council and staff, we are honored to announce the new mission statement for the New York State Council on the Arts: To foster and advance the full breadth of New York State’s arts, culture, and creativity for all.
We are also pleased to share our new NYSCA Values.

NYSCA Values:

  • The vast diversity of New York State communities.
  • Equitable engagement with the arts for people of all ages and inclusive of all backgrounds.
  • Access to the full breadth of arts and culture.
  • The vital role that arts and culture play in the health of the economy and people.
  • The constant evolution of artmaking and creative practice.
  • Creativity as a community asset.


This vision for the agency is the result of our comprehensive strategic planning process from 2018-2022. Throughout that process, NYSCA engaged with over 800 members of New York’s arts and culture field through constituent workshops, interviews, and surveys with the goals of evaluating the evolving needs of our cultural ecosystem and guiding the agency’s future. This fulsome and inclusive process would not have been possible without the dedication, input, and attention of our field, Council, and the NYSCA staff.
Due to the necessity of responding to the COVID pandemic, many elements of the strategic plan—including a streamlined application process and more responsive funding—were enacted with swiftness. An overview of the strategic planning process is available here for you to review.
Our new mission and values will be included in our FY2024 Guidelines, to be released within the next week. We will also be introducing them in our upcoming webinars for the FY2024 application process.
We are looking forward to another year of serving the expansive and innovative New York State arts and culture sector, as we bring the measurable benefits of the arts to our residents and visitors.

When the arts thrive, New York soars!
With our sincerest regards,
Mara Manus
Executive Director
Katherine Nicholls