NYSCA and Museums


Since its inception, the New York State Council on the Arts has been funding museums of all kinds – including history museums and the majority of NYS children’s museums.

In FY22, NYSCA funding has reached almost 300 museums -- $10,673,422 to 298 museums including 101 history museums and 16 children’s museums of 22 statewide. Additional organizations will be announced by Dec 2022. 

This is an increase from FY21, when NYSCA provided $5, 458, 205 in support to 223 museums.

In FY21, the Council on the Arts funded 42% of NYS museums that were open a minimum of 150 hours per year. 

Furthermore, NYSCA’s funding has increased.  The NYSCA appropriation for FY 22 was $105 million, an increase over FY21’s budget of $46.9 million. For FY 23, NYSCA’s appropriation is $140 million with an additional $100 million in new capital funding.