NYSCA ENGAGES: Creative Aging in NYS and Beyond

Arts and culture play a crucial role in many facets of our lives -- including the health and well-being of the senior citizens who make up approximately 15% of New York State's population.

Prominent studies have shown that seniors who participate in ongoing arts and cultural activities experience increased brain function, reduction in doctor visits and medication use, and increased morale and physical activity. 

With these outcomes in mind, NYSCA, along with the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the National Center for Creative Aging (NCCA), is pleased to announce the launch of the ENGAGE Initiative Creative Aging Toolkit for State Arts Agencies.

Following NCCA’s 3-year ENGAGE Communities of Practice Initiative for State Arts Agencies in Arts, Health, and Aging, this website showcases the exciting creative aging programs happening across New York State and throughout the country, and provides resources for organizations and individuals seeking to help strengthen the creative aging field.

On NYSCA’s page of the Toolkit, learn about how our Programs support arts activities for our state's growing population of seniors. You can also read about our Creative Aging partnership with Elders Share the Arts and the Monroe County Office for the Aging, and find state-specific resources that help you find a program near you or create your own.


The ENGAGE Community of Practice Initiative supported state arts agencies (SAAs) in developing infrastructure and programming in arts, health, and aging in their states between 2013 and 2016. Aimed at addressing the growing population of aging adults, this program sought to empower SAAs in helping people creatively flourish across their lifespan. With more than 40 states participating, it resulted in new state partnerships, new state grant initiatives, and new arts learning programs for older adults, expanding the creative aging momentum across the country.