New York State Council on the Arts

411 Fifth Avenue, 7th Floor

New York, NY 10016

(212) 459-8800


Please contact the Help Desk for application, grant and contract assistance: [email protected]

Prequalification Questions:  [email protected]

Press Inquiries and Council Member Inquiries: [email protected]

Contact NYSCA Staff

Executive Director
Erika Mallin

Deputy Director of Programs
Megan White, (212) 459-8806, [email protected]

Deputy Director of Operations
Karen Welch, (212) 459-8812,  [email protected]

Director of Communications
Ann Marie Sekeres, (212) 459-8859, [email protected]

Chief of Staff
Abby Adler, (212) 459-8808, [email protected]

Arts Program Directors

Arian Blanco, (212) 459-8815, [email protected]
Individual Artists | Multidisciplinary 

Fabiana Chiu-Rinaldi, (212) 459-8828, [email protected]
Electronic Media & Film | Folk Arts

Kristin Herron, (212) 459-8825, [email protected]
Design Arts | Museum

David Huff, (212) 459-8831, [email protected]
Program Director | Theatre and Visual Arts 

Christine Leahy, (212) 459-8818, [email protected]
Arts Education | Literature 

Zatara McIntyre, (212) 459-8826, [email protected]

Program Director | Music and Presenting

Katie Steger, (212) 459-8851, [email protected]
Capital Projects 

Leanne Tintori, (212) 459-8816, [email protected]
Dance | State & Local Partnerships/Statewide Community Regrants

Arts Program Officers

Kavie Barnes, (212) 459-8858, [email protected]
Arts Education | Multidisciplinary

Orin Chait, (212) 459-8835, [email protected]
Interdisciplinary/Film, Media, and New Technology Artists | Theater

Deborah Lim, (212) 459-8820, [email protected]
Dance | Theatre

Rita Putnam, (212) 459-8830, [email protected]
Visual Arts | Music


Lindsay Turley, (212) 459-8854, [email protected]

Capital Projects


Agency Operations

Brenda Brown, Director of Agency Operations/HR Liaison, (212) 459-8827, [email protected]

Lenn Ditman, Director of Grants Management and Information Technology, (212) 459-8810, [email protected]

Will McDermott, Director of Financial and Grant Systems, (212) 459-8855, [email protected]


Ian Byrne, Team Associate, (212) 459-8821, [email protected]

Omar Estrada, Team Associate, (212) 459-8852, [email protected]

Marnee Geller, Team Associate, (212) 459-8819, [email protected]


Claudine Lee, Program Associate, (212) 459-8829, [email protected]


Kimalea Campbell, Program Associate, (212)-459-8832, [email protected]


Gabi Nail, Team Associate, (212) 459-8811, [email protected]


Totlyn Lewis, Auditor, (212) 459-8822,   [email protected]

Jerry Pecchia, Facilities Manager, (212) 459-8814, [email protected]



Contact My District

Visit the New York State Board of Elections website and enter your address to find names and websites for your New York State Senate and Assembly Representatives as well as your U.S. Senate and Congress Representatives. On their websites, you will find contact information for each elected official.

FOIL Public Notice

As an agency of the State of New York, NYSCA is subject to New York State's Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). Applicants are advised that, in compliance with this law, all correspondence with and applications made to the Council (with the exception of certain exempted supplemental materials), and resulting contracts and reports, are subject to public inspection.

A request for records within the possession of NYSCA must be in writing. Such written request can be to submitted using the Open FOIL NY portal. A request can also be mailed to the Records Access Officer, New York State Council on the Arts, 411 Fifth Ave, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10016 or submitted by e-mail to [email protected]. The business telephone number of the Records Access Officer is (212)459-8800.