Fiscal Sponsors & Individual Artist Opportunities

Who can apply through a Fiscal Sponsor?

Individual Artists and unincorporated arts organizations are not eligible to apply directly to NYSCA but may still receive funding through our grant programs — including commissions through our Individual Artist Program — by applying through a fiscal sponsor.

What exactly is a Fiscal Sponsor?

A Fiscal Sponsor is a New York State non-profit organization that applies to NYSCA on behalf of individual artists, unincorporated arts organizations or groups, or organizations not yet recognized as tax-exempt as a 501(c)(3), or organizations existing as a distinct program within a parent organization. The fiscal sponsor receives and disburses funds related to the grant, assuring that the project is carried out as described and submitting the final report of grant activity.

Who can apply for support through a Fiscal Sponsor?

For specific instructions about applying to NYSCA through a fiscal sponsor, please refer to the corresponding grant opportunities and guidelines listed below:

  • Support for Sponsored Organizations - Organizations with a principal place of business in New York State and not yet incorporated; or not recognized as tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Code as a 501(c) (3); or is an organization existing as a distinct program with a parent organization - such as a theater in a university
  • Support for Artists - Artists aged 18 or older and current New York State residents

When considering making a Sponsored Request, keep in mind the following:

  • NYSCA funds a year out, requests made in a given year are to fund qualified expenses that occur the following year from when the application is made. Applications made in 2023 will be to support a project or programs occurring in 2024.
  • All sponsored requests must be made using a NY State based qualified nonprofit organization as their fiscal sponsor. Sponsored artists or groups do not interact with any of our grantmaking platforms, their fiscal sponsor makes the application on their behalf.
  • NYSCA does not pair Individual artists or groups with a fiscal sponsor, it is the responsibility of those interested in submitting a sponsored request to identify a qualified sponsoring organization and then work with that organization to make an application.
  • As the custodian of the grant, the sponsoring organization is to distribute any grant issued to the sponsored artist or group on record minus up to 5% of grant award that the sponsoring organization may keep as an administrative fee for administering the grant.
  • Sponsor must execute a fiscal sponsorship agreement setting forth the services provided by the Sponsor, any fee to the Sponsor, and the responsibilities of the Sponsored Organization relating to the fiscal sponsorship. NYSCA does not require the agreement to be uploaded in the application but may request a copy for review during contracting.