Multi-Year Grants

Renewing Your Grant

To renew a multi-year grant for the coming year, organizations must re-register on the NYSCA website only. Organizations with multi-year grants are NOT required to submit a Grants Gateway application.

Registration must be completed by the application deadline, March 28, 2018, 4pm. To successfully re-register, organizations must log in to NYSCA’s website and in this order:

  1. Complete the Organization Information
  2. Complete the Organization Budget
  3. Complete the Registration Form

Funding Requirements

In order for NYSCA to issue payment on a multi-year grant:

  1. All steps outlined above must be completed and submitted in their entirety by the deadline. No exceptions can be made whatsoever.
  2. Organizations must be Prequalified in Grants Gateway at the deadline. Document vaults in modification, review or open status are not considered Prequalified. Units of local government and Indian Tribes are exempt from the Prequalification requirement.
  3. Organizations must have no outstanding, overdue NYSCA final reports.