Multi-Year Grants

Renewing Your Grant

Ongoing multi-year grantees:

  • Do not need to re-register on the NYSCA website or re-apply through the NYSCA-CFA. 
  • Upon notification from NYSCA, must electronically accept and sign the FY2021 period of their contract in the Grants Gateway later this year. 
  • Upon notification from NYSCA, those grantees who do not submit new applications to NYSCA for FY2021 will need to to update their organization information on the NYSCA website later this year. 

Funding Requirements

In order for NYSCA to issue payment on a multi-year grant:

  1. Organizations must be Prequalified in Grants Gateway at the deadline. Document vaults in modification, review or open status are not considered Prequalified. Units of local government and Indian Tribes are exempt from the Prequalification requirement.
  2. Organizations must have no outstanding, overdue NYSCA final reports.