Laura Bernstein: Hybrid Ecologies

Taking inspiration from The Book of Miracles, an illustrated manuscript depicting miraculous phenomena and awesome apocalyptic visions of the 16th century, Hybrid Ecologies looks to ancient and medieval mythology to speculate on the future of our changing times. As visitors travel through Hybrid Ecologies, the boundaries known to separate ecosystems collapse. Creatures of the sea swim with those who fly in the sky, while sharing terrain with those known to inhabit the land. Desert, forest, and mountains, converge. As these barriers are shattered, visitors are invited to step inside the suspended forms that act as helmets, to contemplate possibilities for cohabitation, mutation, and hybridization. With extinction and devastation comes the need for imagination, possibility for revelation, the discovery of new creation. An evolving community full of transformation and metamorphoses, Hybrid Ecologies offers visitors the opportunity to play within a living diorama to experience shifts in scale and time, to imagine a world where borders are fluid between all living species, are shattered, and a new sky's the limit takes hold.
Recurring Daily every Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Children's Museum of the Arts
New York, NY

103 Charlton St
New York, NY 10014
United States