Shadows & Light: The Music of Joni Mitchell

Award-winning producer and bassist, Scott Petito assembles a world class ensemble. Some of the most well-respected musicians working in music today join together to interpret the timeless music of the genius from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Joni Mitchell’s gift was so enormous that it remade the social space around her. It is no small burden to possess something as valuable as Mitchell’s talent, and it meant that this girl from the Canadian prairie would be in the world, whether she liked it or not. All she needed was her lyrics, preternaturally analytic, wry, and shrewd; her chords, largely self-invented, a kind of calligraphy of the moods; and her voice, which modulates from patter to rue to rhapsody in a single phrase. The best pop music is often preening and shamanic. Mitchell’s is almost always about what two articulate adults mean, or once meant, to each other.
8:00PM Until 10:00PM
LUMBERYARD Center for Film and Performing Arts
Catskill, NY
Ticket Price: $25

62 Water Street
Catskill, NY 12414
United States

(855) 459-3849