Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra: Classical Sax

Originally a military instrument and later adopted by jazz, the saxophone can be as beautifully melodic as a violin or a clarinet, yet somehow never found a permanent home in the traditional orchestra. In this inventive performance with renowned conductor Thomas Wilkins on podium, the sax busts boundaries, becoming the featured woodwind of Fuchs’ Rush and Glazunov’s Concerto for Alto Saxophone, both brilliantly executed by top classical saxophonist Timothy McAllister. Walker’s Lyric for Strings (reminiscent of Samuel Barber’s Adagio) and Mendelssohn’s joyful and familiar “Italian” symphony bring this performance home.
8:00 Until 10:00
Kleinhans Music Hall
Buffalo, NY
Ticket Price: $10- $81

3 Symphony Circle
Buffalo, NY 14201
United States

(716) 885-5000