Adele Henderson, "Industry and Abundance"

Buffalo Arts Studio will present two solo exhibitions in September as part of the National Endowment for the Arts funded Activism in the Arts project. Activism in the Arts reflects the belief that artists and curators can effect change through purposeful collaborations that balance community needs, artistic insight, and educational impact. This series intends to not only display powerful visual statements, but also to communicate ideas involving social, economic, environmental, and representational justice in meaningful and accessible ways, all while inspiring action within diverse communities.

Adele Henderson’s "Industry and Abundance" is a body of work that seeks to visualize an etiology of global warming. She points to contributing factors including private ownership, wealth accumulation, and the exploitation of the earth’s abundance. Her work documents individual perceptions while also serving as an informal anthropological recording of anxiety and concern. The artwork functions as a visual, and visceral, indexing of fears about both the present and the future.
11:00 am Until 5:00 pm
Buffalo Arts Studio
Buffalo, NY
Ticket Price: Free

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