Gareth Lichty, Warp and Weft

For Warp and Weft, Lichty is building a loom system that weaves brightly colored, reflective field marking tape around and through the gallery space. The neon colored field tape, typically used to mark a path or trail through nature, becomes hyper-energized within the white industrial space of Buffalo Arts Studio’s gallery. His process creates both visual and physical disruptions amplified by observable vibrations caused by visitors in the space.

Gareth Lichty’s sculptural practice consists of physically manipulating materials such as garden hose, construction fence, field marking tape, polypropylene rope and galvanized wire. Lichty’s work explores mass-production and manufacturing processes using familiar materials reimagined as large-scale structures. He creates organic structures through repetition, materiality, and scale while contrasting the vernacular of suburban infrastructure with industrial architecture. His process manifests thousands of hours of careful and sustained labour weaving, cutting, and tying materials into monumental representations of repetition and excess.

11:00 am Until 5:00 pm
Buffalo Arts Studio
Buffalo, NY
Ticket Price: Free

2495 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14214
United States

(716) 833-4450