Systems Entwined

Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space is pleased to present Systems Entwined, a group exhibition curated by Christie Neptune, a former artist-in-residence of the LES Studio Program, through which this exhibition is made possible.

In Systems Entwined, visual artists Luba Drozd, Antonia Kuo, Keisha Scarville, and A young Yu examine a collision of systems within natural and built environments. In a multidisciplinary exposition of works across photography, video, sculpture, performance, and sound, each artist explores disintegration that reimagines and subverts logical thinking. Artificial forms superimposed on natural environments collapse binary divisions in space. Unorthodox processes yield fragmentation that distorts and repurposes ordinary objects and surfaces. In Systems Entwined, each work is anchored by a subversive methodology that destabilizes time and meaning to produce contemplative terrains which evoke a range of associations from transcendent spirituality to the immaterial and abstract.
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