Don’t Let It Slip Through Your fingers: Solo Exhibition by Dario Mohr

Opening Reception
May 6th, 5pm EST

In person reception at the Windmill Community Garden. Audience members are invited to participate in a letting go ritual using a grief journal that will sit on a podium during the reception.

Artist Talk & Conversation
May 7th, 5pm - Via Zoom
Interview and conversation with the artist

Don't Let It Slip Through Your Fingers is an acrylic painted and assembled work that is inspired by the loss of a cherished object. Objects are endowed with the power of reference to memories, philosophies and in some cases, spiritual connection. Very often when an object is lost, so too are the memories that they inspire. This work is to honor those memories and experiences by memorializing what was lost.
5 PM Until 7 PM
Windmill Community Garden
Long Island City, NY
Ticket Price: Free

39-22 29th St
Long Island City, NY 11101
United States

(347) 304-0037