Cada Cabesa Es un Mundo: Solo Exhibition by Diego Espaillat

Join Flux Factory Artist-in-Residence Diego Espaillat for the culminating exhibition of his Residency.

“Cada Cabesa Es Un Mundo,” a phrase often used by one of Diego’s Uncles in Dominican Republic, is offered as a framing for the sculptures in this exhibition. Concerned with the lineage and evolution of Spanish Caribbean mask-making and culture, Diego Espaillat seeks to insert himself into the often-changing art form by working through the forms in his personal fashion.

The mask-making histories are relatively new, still evolving, and grow out of a mix of traditions, including Spanish Catholic holidays and Yoruba spirituality. In creating these pieces, Diego uses the laborious traditional paper mache process, reframed through his own creative style. These masks are not made to be worn, they are instead sculptural objects. By committing himself to the specific lineage of this metamorphic art form as a diasporic member of Dominican culture
5:00PM Until 8PM
Flux Factory
Long Island City, NY
Ticket Price: Free

39-31 29th St.
Long Island City, NY 11101
United States