Kathleen Sherin, “Stable Structures and Disruptive Forces”

Stable Structures and Disruptive Forces reflects on and reacts to the constant cacophony of upheaval and uncertainty that was amplified by Sherin’s personal isolation and biological vulnerability during the pandemic. Sherin considers and reconsiders the impulses that guide her choices; the intellectual, the physical, the intuitive. As a physical and intuitive printmaker, Sherin approaches printmaking with the directness of a painter. Searching for simplicity and balance amidst complex, undulating patterns and contrasting spaces, Sherin employs an immersive process that allows her ideas to unfold and evolve from open-ended concepts. These new prints explore the nature of stability through color, gesture, and composition. Although her palette is limited, Sherin achieves a wide range of surface texture and color density. The physicality of her process can be seen in the sweeping arc of liquid carborundum that produces dark ink marks pressed deeply into the paper as well as in the rich surfaces created by repeatedly rubbing ink on and off the plate. The final works capture precarious moments of stability amidst the chaos of contemporary life.
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Buffalo Arts Studio
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