Oreen Cohen, “Darkest Dark”

Oreen Cohen’s “Darkest Dark” is part of an ongoing exhibition series of large scale charcoal works on paper. Each drawing is built up with layers of marks that are the result of aggressive automatic drawing. In a ritualistic fashion, Cohen strikes the surface of the paper with boundless energy, thrashing to music oscillating between post-punk and heavy metal. Each drawing is the product of a single, feverish session. Cohen’s physical process relies on full body gestures and allows her to push the possibilities of mark making beyond the small motor functions of just her hands. The drawings are an outpouring of once-repressed narratives that express personal trauma including experiences of misogyny, illness, and physical transformation. Although the experiences and the drawings are deeply personal, they are the product of a physical and emotional reality that is part of the larger collective consciousness.
5pm Until 8pm
Buffalo Arts Studio
Buffalo, NY

2495 Main St, Suite #500
Buffalo, NY 14214
United States

(716) 833-4450