Common Ground: Mini-Global Mashup #6 - Korea Meets Armenia

Common Ground features artists seemingly different in discipline, practices, or cultural identity who explore global connections, celebrating distinctions that make cultures unique.

Sita Chay, Grammy Award Violinist, is the only Korean Artist to win the 2017 Latin Grammy Award for Best Mariachi Album. She is the founder and music director of the Korean Shaman Music Ritual, SaaWee, which was hailed by international critics as a “delicate powerhouse”.

Ara Dinkjian is an Armenian born in America. Ara learned several Western and Eastern instruments (piano, guitar, dumbeg, clarinet) and in 1980 graduated from the Hartt College of Music, earning the country’s first and only special degree in the instrument for which he has become most well-known, the oud.

This concert is accompanied by percussionist Satoshi Takeishi. Satoshi Takeishi, drummer, percussionist, and arranger is a native of Mito, Japan. While studying at Berklee College of Music, he developed an interest in South American music and went on to live in Colombia for four year.

While in Columbia, he worked on the group Macumbia with composer and arranger Francisco Zumaque and performed with the Bogota symphony orchestra.
1:00 PM Until 3:00 PM
Flushing Town Hall
Flushing, NY
Ticket Price: In-Person Tickets: $15/$12 Members

137-35 Northern Blvd
Flushing, NY 11354
United States

(718) 463-7700