A Scream In The Dark

A Scream in the Dark is a project by Companhia Nova de Teatro that investigates some aspects of military dictatorship and censorship in Brazil (1964-1985)—one of the most obscure periods from the recent history of the country.

Based on political prisoners’ testimonies and letters filed in the National Archives of Brazil, this multimedia play casts a glance on women who were arrested and tortured during the Brazilian Military Regime.

In this solo performed by Carina Casuscelli sided by an inquisitor puppet, a woman finds archive boxes in a dark room. The archived documents are read and interpreted by the woman, with the support of video and slide projections evoking memories and flashes of one of the most tenebrous periods of Brazilian history.
Event Dates:
8:00 PM Until 9:00 PM
The Downstairs
New York City, NY
Ticket Price: Adults: $30 Students/Seniors: $25 First 10 tickets are $10 (limit 2 per person)

66 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003
New York City, NY 10003
United States

(212) 254-6468