Neville Dance Theatre

In celebration of Women's History Month, choreographer Brenda Neville presents her Neville Dance Theatre in a program called "Celebrating Women Composers." Works by three choreographers, Neville, Kristen Klein, and Lauren Settembrino, have composed dances to music by women composers, including Zoe Keating, Hildur Guonadottir, Helen Jane Long, Nkeiru Okoye, and more. March 25 at 3 & 7:30 pm at Manhattan Movement & Arts Center, 248 W. 60th St. NYC
3 pm & 7:30 pm Until 4:30 pm & 9 pm
Manhattan Movement & Arts Center
New York City, NY
Ticket Price: $28; $18 for students/srs

248 W. 60th St.
New York City, NY 10023
United States