Stretch Your Own Canvas

Join us for a 2 hour all inclusive canvas stretching demonstration and hands-on workshop on May 13, 2023! Learning how to stretch your own canvas can ensure control over cost, size, and quality, plus it’s just nice to add another layer of connection with your artwork and another skill under your belt. Students will start out with stretcher bars and a patch of canvas. The instructor will then walk you through properly measuring and cutting the canvas to fit your bars. He’ll teach you how to stretch the canvas for optimal tightness, how to tack the corners to ensure they’re clean, prime your canvas and ta-da! You’ll have your first self-stretched canvas to take home.

Materials for 1 12×12” canvas will be provided (stretcher bars, canvas, gesso)

2:00 pm Until 4:00 pm
Pelham Art Center
Pelham, NY

155 Fifth Avenue
Pelham, NY 10803
United States

(914) 738-2525