Improvisationalism: Myth and Nature

Rockland Center for the Arts will feature Improvisationalism: Myth and Nature, paintings by Gde Arsa Artha opening April 15th, 2023. Artists Reception: April 15, 2-5pm. Free to public

Inspired by his homeland of Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, Gde Arsa Artha's paintings play off of nature, mythology and traditional Balinese folk tales. Art plays an important part in Balinese traditional ceremonies, establishing a need for spatial orientation, both physically and visually, balancing and arranging the energy of the universe. His painting“Moon Eclipse” displays the moon as the goddess of immortality fighting off the evil demon from hell as he flies through the sky during the full moon trying to swallow the moon goddess, Ratih. Ratih brings balance to the universe by not allowing the demon to capture immortality. The painting was inspired by the 1997 Hailey’s Comet and Bali mythology of the moon eclipse. His latest paintings often incorporate ink and computer technology. As tradition has informed his art, evolution helped develop it; technically with the use of Western color and perspective while connecting with the past, reflecting both his Balinese origin and his individuality.

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Rockland Center for the Arts
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