"Midwest Sweat" Exhibition

The Jane Hartsook Gallery is pleased to present Maura Wright’s first New York City solo exhibition. In her mixed-media work, Wright points out the theatrics of art and life by mixing historical styles and purposefully disregarding the etiquette of the fields of craft and fine art. In this exhibition, Wright pulls from a grab-bag of forms and ornament that ranges from French rococo porcelain to the Florida beach-shop kitsch, mixing and matching styles and materials with abandon. Refusing to adhere to any boundaries—even dimensional ones—she puts two dimensional handles on urns and dares you not to laugh. Some works give the impression of a still-life come to life, while flat backdrops emulate volumetric interiors and lush garden scenes. What is real and what is imitation—what does it even matter?
Greenwich House Pottery
new york, NY

16 Jones Street
new york, NY 10014
United States