"Print + Project Like a Mushroom"

Opening reception: April 21st, 2023 5 - 8 p.m. with an artist talk at 6. The exhibition will be open from April 21st until June 3rd.

Print + Project Like a Mushroom features a 16mm film loop and spore print films displayed in their pre-projection print form. Shaggy manes, meadow mushrooms and more were locally sourced to produce these films.
Edible mushrooms are grown and harvested to create 16mm sound films and derivative materials – collectively known as the Spore Print Film Series.This series is a study of organic, modern and contemporary technologies that explore cycles of creation, destruction and archival permanence.
Each of the films in the series features different audiovisual movements provided by different mushroom species– producing prints ranging from intense Rorschachs made of melted black ink, to delicate white, brown, blue, gray, pink and yellow arrangements that shadow the shapes of the gills that they rain down from. As the films are projected, a maelstrom of slowly-shifting-shapes is produced where form is in constant flux. These films present media and matter as vibrant and spontaneous. The films are looped until they are nearly erased.
5:00 p.m. Until 8:00 PM
WNY Book Arts Center
Buffalo, NY
Ticket Price: free

468 Washington St
Buffalo, NY 14203
United States

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