Young, Gifted And Black

Friday, September 1 at 7 PM ET

The Classical Theatre of Harlem: Young, Gifted and Black

Featuring Crystal Lucas-Perry, Edward W. Hardy, Emery Mason, Melissa Mosley, Kaden Kennedy, and Roen Jones.

Works by Whitney Houston, Jordan Cooper (“Ain’t No Mo”), Edward W. Hardy, Chopin, Alicia Keys, Chris Stapleton, Queen, John Field, Debussy, Burgmüller, Kapustin, Saint-Saens, Gabriel Fauré, and Bach.

Inspired by playwright Lorraine Hansberry and songwriter Nina Simone, "To be young, gifted and Black" is a positive and uplifting message to celebrate resilience, pride and the endless promise of our youth. It refers to recognizing the unique talents, abilities, and potential they possess, and acknowledging the value and contributions they bring to society despite policies, various challenges and systemic barriers in their lives. This presentation is an expression of young excellence in New York City – a place that appreciates the worth and potential of those who are about to inherit this world.
7 PM Until 8:30 PM
Bryant Park
New York, NY
Ticket Price: Free

Bryant Park
New York, NY 10018
United States