Perfectly Imperfect: Moon Jars

RoCA's ceramicist re-create a rare Korean treasure - the 'Moon Jar' in the "Perfectly Imperfect" exhibition. Originally created during the latter years of Korea’s Joseon dynasty (1392-1910), moon jars are primarily white porcelain vessels created from two hemispherical halves, joined together to form a spherical hollow vessel resembling a full moon.

This process represents a balance between technical ingenuity and chance. Of equal important are these chance irregularities which show the slightly uneven handmade qualities of the jar. The imperfect nature of the moon jars makes them distinct and uniquely Korean, as no two jars are exactly alike.

Wheel spun, as well as slab and coil constructed, our ceramic department re-created the moon jar with a contemporary outlook altogether new and distinctly infused with the maker’s own personality. Surface pattern, color and texture are some of the ingredients used in the making of this exhibition of vessels.

24 Ceramicist will be on hand for the opening reception, Saturday, Sept. 9th, 1:00-4:00pm. The exhibit is on view from Sept. 7 - Sept. 30th, 11am - 4pm, Mondays - Saturdays.
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