Metaphors in the Flesh: an in person Master Class on Metaphor with Patrick James Errington

Metaphors are often thought of as the domain of poets, a rarefied and purely linguistic trope. But metaphors are everywhere – when we have meetings coming up, when you find yourself in an argument, when you (hopefully!) grasp what it is I mean. And not just in language; linguistic metaphors emerge from our thinking and being alive in the world, though sometimes becoming so familiar we hardly even notice them. One way we might think about our work as poets, then, is about bringing these calcified ways of thinking – these metaphors – back to life, putting them back in the flesh, making meanings feelable, graspable, maybe even changing an old metaphor for something completely new.

Patrick James Errington is an award-winning Scottish-Canadian poet, translator, and academic. He’s the author of the various chapbooks and has received numerous prizes, including the Poetry International Prize, the Callan Gordon Award from the Scottish Book Trust, and the RBC Bronwen Wallace Award from the Writers’ Trust of Canada. Patrick currently lives in Edinburgh where he is a professor at the University of Edinburgh. His work was just featured in Forbes.
2:30PM Until 4:30PM
Philipse Manor Station
Sleepy Hollow, NY
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300 Riverside Dr
Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591
United States

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