Composers Concordance Presents - Art of the Art Song

For Immediate Release - New York, NY - On Wednesday, November 29th at 9pm, Composers Concordance presents at DROM a concert program propelling an age-old compositional form into the 21st Century. The Art of the Art Song features soprano Ljiljana Winkler, of the German group Formation Solenne, as she interprets songs from a bevy of today's most dynamic composers, writing under the influence of numerous contemporary styles and texts.

Ljiljana joins CompCord Ensemble: trumpeter Peter Oswald, tenor saxophonist Dennis Brandner, pianist Jai Jeffryes, bassist Troy Rinker, Jr., and drummer Lee Jeffryes on a program of art songs composed by Aaron Alter, Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, Seth Boustead, Vicky Cheng, Dan Cooper, Melanie Mitrano, Amy X Neuburg, Gene Pritsker, Emiliano Revert, Marina Vesic, and Joseph Waters.

Melanie Mitrano's Hocket Two Me, Gene Pritsker’s Scatalism, Emiliano Revert's Bond, Joseph Waters' Again, and Dennis Bathory-Kitsz's Binsey Poplars are among the featured compositions.

9:00 PM
New York, NY
Ticket Price: $20 in advance; $30 at the door

85 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009
United States