HINTERLANDS is an accordion and violin duo that combines songcraft with improvisation. Between new music and folk trance, the performances of violinist Ben Russell and accordionist Matt Schreiber conjure a musical world where boundaries blur and new resonance is born. Russell’s drone-heavy violin stylings call upon western classical, North Indian and Appalachian influences, and intermix with Schreiber's virtuosic Balkan accordion bursts.
Coupled with the raw intensity of shape-note singing in their original vocals the duo evokes wild mountainous and oceanic soundscapes in varied time signatures and bold improvisations.
HINTERLANDS are known for how well they listen to each other - and how they conjure such focused listening out of their audiences. Both inviting and explosive, Hinterlands transports audiences through a prism of color, light, and sound.
4:00pm Until 5:00pm
Verplanck, NY
Ticket Price: $20

115 7th St
Verplanck, NY 10596
United States

(914) 293-7468