Celebrate the beauty and vibrancy of Indian culture and folk dance traditions with Garba360 as part of India Week, featuring Ujjval Vyas Musicals, dance instruction by Heena Patel, and produced by MELA Arts Connect. An essential component of wedding celebrations and the nine-day fall Hindu festival Navratri, garba is an intoxicating, high-energy folk dance style from northwestern India marked by hand claps and twirls. Danced in a circle (reflecting the cyclical Hindu conception of time), garba steps can be anything from a simple two-step to intricate movements. At Garba360, you'll learn garba, sanedo, and other Gujarati folk dances with the instructors, and dance (or just listen) to live music!
6:30 PM Until 7:45 PM
The Dance Floor
New York , NY
Ticket Price: Free

Lincoln Center Plz
New York , NY 10023
United States