Making Clay Amulets

Instructed by Bel Falleiros
Ages 5 - 12 Recommended

This workshop is inspired by the history of the brick industry in the Hudson Valley. The young artists will learn about how clay was found in nature then transformed into ceramics with fire, and explore different symbols that can be considered a vessel. By the end of the class, each artist will have made a symbolic object, or ‘amulet’, that represents both their perception of themselves individually and their part in a larger whole.
Connecting with the artwork Ripple Stories [Haverstraw], presented in the exhibition Navel-Knot // Root-Rise, each of the students will be given a fragment of brick shard found along the shores of the Hudson River, to be their companion of the day and a reminder of this area’s materials, landscape and history.
1:00 PM Until 3:00 PM
Verplanck, NY
Ticket Price: $20

115 7th St
Verplanck, NY 10596
United States

(914) 293-7468