We Move. We Groove. We Party.

Join dancer and choreographer Kadeem Alston Roman for the “We Move. We Groove. We Party.” dance workshop! This exciting and energetic class will introduce participants to various group-based social dances that have come and gone over the decades. From the twist to the electric slide to the cha cha slide, this workshop is sure to entertain and engage both kids and adults alike. Join us for the party!

This program is free and takes place during BCM’s Thursday Amazon Free Hours from 3:00 pm – 3:45 pm. You can reserve tickets in advance online or simply walk in on the day of.
3:00 pm Until 3:45 pm
Brooklyn Children's Museum
Brooklyn, NY
Ticket Price: Free

145 Brooklyn Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11213
United States

(718) 735-4400