Architecture + Design

Design is everywhere: from the Montauk lighthouse to Buffalo’s Olmsted parks, from Manhattan’s skyscrapers to Adirondack camps, from Russel Wright tableware to Tiffany jewelry. At its best, design impacts our quality of life and serves the public good. To support excellence in design, and recognizing design as an art form, NYSCA’s Architecture + Design Program welcomes applications from organizations and individuals.The Program encourages innovation and excellence in the design arts, the preservation and interpretation of New York State’s architectural + design heritage, and the development of design literacy for all New Yorkers.

Image: Center for Architecture, Sekou Cooke
Program Goals
Recognize organizations and programs that encourage innovation and excellence in the design arts.
Assist New York State-based design professionals in contributing to the advancement of their field.
Promote the importance of preserving and interpreting New York State’s architectural and design heritage.
Encourage excellence in the Design Arts.
Foster the development of design literacy for all New Yorkers.
Funding Categories
General Operating Support
Project Support
Independent Projects
Regrants and Partnerships

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