Electronic Media and Film

Electronic Media and Film are among the most dynamic art forms of our time. From analog to digital, the EMF Program is dedicated to Art & Technology as a creative practice, across all genres of time-based and emergent technology, including historical and rarely seen works. Through the presentation and preservation of electronic media as an art form, EMF fosters the contemporary and diverse cultural voices of New York.

EMF does not accept applications from individual artists. Production funding for independent film and media artists is available through NYSCA’s Individual Artists Program.

Image: Screening video clips during a panel discussion about Jim Henson in the Sumner M. Redstone Theater at the Museum of the Moving Image. Photo by Thanassi Karageorgiou.
Program Goals
Advance public knowledge of technology as creative art form.
Expand artists’ opportunities through media arts organizations that provide services and support to artists working in creative technology.
Engage the public through programs that enable the understanding and appreciation of media and technology as art.
Empower media arts organizations through organizational and professional development, and convening, including organizational research and exploration that furthers knowledge through risk-taking and experimentation in new technology development.
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