Individual Artists

NYSCA’s Individual Artists (IND) Program venerates the power of the individual by supporting composers, theatre artists, and film and media makers, enabling them to successfully realize their visions.

IND supports the creation of new work by New York State artists through artist-initiated projects across a wide range of areas. Artists at any career stage are welcome to apply.

It is important to note that each application by an individual artist must be sponsored by an eligible New York State nonprofit organization. Grants are awarded to the sponsoring organization. The sponsor then directs the funds to the individual artist.

New work in architecture and design is also supported through the Independent Projects category of the Architecture + Design Program. In addition, NYSCA supports artist fellowships in a variety of arts disciplines through the NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowships.

Note: Dance Commissions are now available through the Dance Program.

Image: NYSCA Individual Artist grant recipient Mariam Ghani, courtesy of CEPA Gallery
Program Goals
Enhance and strengthen the vibrancy and diversity of the artistic voices of New York State-based art makers.
Provide catalytical funds for the creation of artistically significant projects.
Invest in projects that represent significant growth in the artistic development of individual artists.
Strengthen the relationships between individual artists and the artistic goals and mission of the sponsoring or commissioning organization, as applicable.
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